RegSmarts solutions are architected using up-to-date technology framework that provides scalability, security, flexibility and robustness for cost-sensitive organizations. 


SMARTCom ​is designed using an enterprise architecture well known to today's financial institutions. It uses technologies being aggressively adopted to build a flexible gen-X solution to an age-old problem.

Data integration is smooth and easy. SMARTCom can plug in seamlessly and provide a near real-time dashboard on trading activity across all asset classes. Each trade event is run through ruleset that flags it for suitable reports and creates and assigns actionable alerts for designated user groups and support to investigate. Tracking metrics are available for users, support teams and management to identify patterns and address recurring issues.

The tool stack includes a web interface built using industry standard Bootstrap and ReactJS,  guaranteed messaging (AMQP), robust data orchestration (Apache Nifi), scalable NoSQL (mongodb/hdfs), memory cache for high throughput and a microservices based architecture using HTTP2. Components are loosely coupled using google's go (golang) and can be scaled quickly to handle growing volumes and spikes. The system can be deployed on the cloud provider of the client's choice or within their data center.

Data Management Services

SMARTCom features

  • Handles all asset classes - cash, OTC and structured products

  • Supports real-time and batch data inflows

  • Provides easy adapters to ingest data in any format - FIX, FpML, CSV, custom and mainframe over all commonly used messaging and network protocols.

  • Validates data and routes issues to data quality support team

  • Connects to multiple regulatory agencies with their protocols and formats

  • Reconciliation reports with source and target provides reliability and security that the users are working off the right datasets.

Adaptable & Extensible Architecture

SMARTCom features

  • Loosely coupled microservices based architecture makes the system configurable and adaptable to change and scale to each customer's needs

  • Existing in-house and pre-licensed tools can continue being used. Can be integrated and information exchanged with RegSmarts' databases and dashboards using REST API​s

  • Integration with enterprise services for risk, market data, positions for compliance teams a platform for independent review

  • System, user and support team metrics published

  • Available as a managed service or transitioned in-house

Flexible, Scalable, Secure

SMARTCom features

  • Handles all asset classes - cash, OTC and structured products

  • Integrates mature technology tools for robust and scalable system

  • Uses HTTP2 with SSL for secure inter process communication 

  • Monitoring Services monitor processes and traffic and alert support teams on what needs attention.

  • Small infrastructure footprint for small-mid-size customers for a low-cost solution. Architecture scales to Big Data size for larger customers with larger volumes

  • Private cloud or in-house install with easy integration into existing trade, reference data and reporting systems.

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