Digital Transformation of Capital Markets Data

The Flexible Trade and Transactions Data Repository 

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The SMARTCom software suite provides financial institutions a cross-asset class Trade and Transaction Data Repository for internal analysis and external reporting. The real time engine absorbs and stores trade events in real-time and runs them through real-time analytics. Trades are validated, enriched and standardized as they are processed so users see clean and up-to-date information for analytics and reporting. The platform makes keeping up with changing needs, evolving products and updated regulations a breeze. 



Our experienced professionals help clients design, and build the next generation of Enterprise Trade and Transaction storage solutions. We work in all asset classes including Listed & OTC derivatives, fixed income and equity products.



SMARTCom's technical framework ensures a scalable, flexible, maintainable and affordable solution. Data integration is a breeze using its easy-to-configure adapters. The software is ready to install on your choice of private cloud or in-house servers. The real-time dashboard provides a real-time summary of trading activity and integrates with clients' existing reporting assets for a one-stop shop co-mingling familiar with best of breed solutions.



Our team of professionals bring a wealth of experience from top firms in providing services and building robust, scalable, secure systems for global financial institutions.  We bring passion and expertise and partner with our customers to solve complex challenges. We monitor emerging trends in industry and technology to provide a best-of-breed partnership. Our managed services team monitors systems and respond to users service calls with a global operations support team.

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